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Golden Dog Rejoices, Tears Non-Stop When Meeting Owner Again After 5 Years Away

Many people’s tears have been dried by a recent story shared on Sohu, China. Because he couldn’t afford to take care of him, the man had to give the Golden dog for other, and the day he met the dog, the old owner broke down with the dog’s reaction.

The man explained that he was fortunate to be accepted to work in a foreign company with an ideal wage about 5 years ago, when he had just finished from high school. The man rented a residence on his own at the time and adopted a golden retriever.

When he first moved to his new home, the Golden Dog was only a few months old, but he was very smart, the owner only needed to teach a few times that he could learn immediately. This makes the man very fond of this little dog. However, what makes him love this dog even more is because the dog is very affectionate and it seems to understand what he is saying.

Every day, when coming home from work, the dog is always happy to wag his tail and run over to him. When upset, the Golden dog becomes a spiritual support, someone for him to confide in.

Just imagine that life would continue to be this way indefinitely, but “good days are short and not unpleasant.” “Storms” hit after three years of tranquillity. The love story did not end well since the money he had saved was spent on treating his loved ones. As a result, his plans to marry the girl he had loved for many years were also shattered, both as a result of a brief message.

The emotional shock sent him into a state of depression and he was no longer in the mood to work for money. Unemployment resulted in him not being able to afford the expensive city housing costs as before. He had to move to another city and share a room with a friend. And sadly, he couldn’t afford to bring his dog with him.

In the end, he gave the dog to a friend of his, so it could have a better life. When he first moved to a new house, his Golden dog stopped eating for several days, according to his friend. His pal attempted to reach him at the time but was unable. Fortunately, the Golden dog began to adjust and eat again around three months later.

His life is finally steady again after 5 years of hard effort. On the Tet vacation this year, he decided to pay a visit to his friend and see how the elderly Golden retriever was doing.

When the Golden Dog saw the man, he did not bark like usual, instead he slowly approached the old owner. It seems that the dog realized that the old owner had raised him, so he quickly wrapped his arms around his legs, then rejoiced and cried non-stop.

The Golden Dog’s reaction moved everyone, but the guy remained silent out of regret. He felt bad because he had previously neglected the dog and abandoned him. Therefore, think carefully before giving your dog away or selling it to someone else, because they will really be very sad and miss you so much.

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