Wild Fox Makes Friends With A Little Kitten Through The Window

Jennifer Rutter always enjoys watching the wildlife through the windows of her London house. But since February, she’s had a very special visitor. A bold little fox visits her garden daily and loves to sun herself on Rutter’s window ledge. And it seemed that Rutter didn’t feel bothered by the guest from the wild.

“I see that fox nearly every day, and she’s a favorite on our street,” said Rutter, speaking to The Dodo. “The kids watch out for her from their bedroom windows.”

“She seems really polite and gentle,” Rutter told. “She steps off the pavement to let people pass, and, apart from the debris she leaves in my garden, she’s very welcome!”

Whenever the fox arrived at her home, it brought along a lovely gift. Sometimes it was chicken drumsticks, sometimes it was a single sausage, other times it was pieces of bread. These presents made Rutter so happy as she knew how much affection the wild had for her.

But the woman was not the only person to have interactions with the fox. Once it came to her house, the wild animal decided to make friends with Dodo, Rutter’s kitten.

One day, a fox appeared at the window, and Dodo immediately took the opportunity to play with the wild vixen.

“Dodo was on my knee, and I pointed the fox out to her,” Rutter said. “She jumped up to the window and caught the fox’s attention, and then I started to film. I’ve never seen them interact before, and it was so moving to see them mirroring each other.”

The patient fox watched as Dodo pawed at the window and made little chirps of hello and then went about her business in the wild. Rutter and Dodo look forward to future visits from the fox and can’t wait to see what presents she brings them next.

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