Veteran Knowingly Breaks The Law To Rescue Overheated Puppy Locked In Hot Car

A man in Virginia says he has no regrets about smashing a window to free a dog that was locked in a hot car in a parking lot. Police said he called 911 for help when he saw the dog, but he felt they were taking too long. Jason Minson took matters into his own hands and recorded the whole thing.

Minson, who runs a landscaping business, was inspecting a tree in a yard of a Norfolk home on Tuesday when he heard a bang on the street. He checked to see what had caused the noise, and saw that a car had bumped another vehicle parked on the street. When Minson went to inspect the parked car, he realized that a puppy was inside. He believes the noise from the c.rash woke up the puppy, who was desperately panting.

“It was the kind of panting that was the last effort a dog does to try to cool himself off,” Minson, who has a Great Dane, told The Dodo.

He called 911 for aid and also was told that the cops got on the method to assist. Hopefully, that wouldn’t take as well long. Yet with each passing minute, the pet appeared to have a harder and more difficult time. It resembled a timer was counting down, as well as Jason could not just stand there and do nothing.

He said Animal Control showed up about 20 minutes after he called police. In that amount of time, Minson said the dog drank two bottles of water and his owner was no where to be found. So, Minson smashed the window and freed the dog.

“I asked if I could bust the window out to go ahead and get the dog out of the car, because you know it was really hot, and they said no. If I did, I could be arrested and charged with breaking and entering,” he said.

Minson said, “I looked over and the dog was laying back down on the floor.  It wasn’t panting as fast or as heavy anymore, so I knew it was going downhill quick and I finally just kind of lost my temper and I wasn’t going to watch that dog d.i.e, so I took it upon myself to bust the window out and I was like ‘if they want to arrest me for it, they can, but I’m not going to watch this dog d.i.e’.”

The dog was taken by Animal Control officers and is doing better now in the care of staff at the animal shelter. Minson is an Army veteran who has a Great Dane service dog named Rex. He said he would never think to leave his dog in a hot vehicle, just like he would not leave one of his children in those conditions.

“They depend on us to take care of them like a child would. If you’re going to be a dog owner, you have to step up to those responsibilities.”

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