Ukrainian Police Rescue Puppy From Wreckage Near Donetsk and Return it to 77-Year-Old Owner

Even as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues to shock the world with the increasing number of catastrophes, inspiring stories have emerged that prove goodness can happen in dark times as well. After the village of Mykhailivka in the Donetsk region was shelled by Russian forces on April 12, the Ukrainian police rushed to the scene to assist civilians. While they were tending to the rubble of a fallen house, they heard the squeal of a puppy.

So without a moment to spare, all of the rescuers set out to dig the animal up, using gloves to lift pieces of rock and debris out of the pile. There, underneath the wreckage, the police uncovered a tiny black puppy, shivering and covered in dust. Amazingly, the small pup had survived the blast and was gasping for air underneath the dirt for a long time before the responders arrived.

Initially, when the pup wasn’t moving much after being pulled out, responders shook it a few times. The puppy could be seen looking around a little dazed and taking in air. When workers put it on its feet, the puppy just shook itself off the dust. The worker picked up the puppy as everyone cheered.

Many homes were bombed in the area but luckily the owner of this particular home survived and was reunited with the puppy. The 77-year-old man had left his home just before the chaos. He lost his home and all his possessions.

The dog’s master thanked Donetsk Regional Police officers for their speedy arrival and for rescusing the persistent pup. He said: “Thanks to the boys for doing everything quickly and promptly here… Thanks a lot to them!”

The man and the dog were provided with medical care and although they came out of the shelling bruised and shaken, they’re both alive and well, considering the circumstances and other potential outcomes.

Donetsk’s Police finished the statement with: “Russia’s war crime is documented. They will be responsible before the law for every rocket and shell released on civilians.”

Police officers and law enforcement officials are crucial help for people who’ve remained in their homes or are trying to evacuate. They continue to provide food and supplies to Ukrainians, as well as stepping in to help anyone who has been hurt.

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