This Adorable Corgi Hugs Everyone He Comes Across On His Daily Walks

This Adorable Corgi Hugs Everyone He Comes Across On His Daily Walks

There are few pleasures in life greater than a big hug from our canine companions after a long, hard day. Snuggling up with our best friend in front of a movie is the perfect way to destress and chill out.
But is there anything more adorable than when one dog shows unconditional love towards another? When Noah Raminick takes his three-year-old corgi out for a walk every day, he witnesses first-hand just how heart-warming dogs can be towards one another.

Little Wallace is a 1-year-old furball who loves hugging everyone he comes across during his walks, no matter if it is humans or other pets.
While lots of dogs show affection to others by wagging their tails or sniffing behinds, Wallace likes to replicate the human way of showing love to his buddies. And for a little guy, Wallace manages to wrap his paws all the way around the unexpecting recipients of his hugs.

“He first hugged his friend Charlie, and we were blown away. They were hugging and kissing. Then he did it to a few other dogs he knows well, and we realized it was a thing.”
When Wallace meets puppies smaller than him, he is extremely gentle so as to not scare them off.

And the ones bigger than him he simply hugs by standing up on his back legs. But before initiating contact, he always sniffs the other animal to make sure it’s okay to approach.And when Wallace understands he doesn’t get a green light for his hug, he settles for some kisses instead.
At first, when people noticed Wallace’s love for hugs and kisses, they were incredibly amused.

Wallace was never trained to hug but he loves doing it and the family has given him the middle name Casanova! a name that was given to him because of the heart-shaped size of his nose when he was a puppy. When naming him, little did they know just what a lover boy Wallace would become!

In a year full of lockdowns and new social distancing rules, that means we’re not allowed to hug one another. Isn’t it just adorable that Wallace is taking it upon himself to pick up the baton and show love to other dogs in the only way he knows how?

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