Sick Dog With Tumor Is Thrown Away In Dumpster Like Trash

Dogs are our best friends, so they deserve to be cherished, cared, and loved. But sadly, there are still many dogs that are not only abandoned, but thrown away like trash when they are sick or unwanted.

Recently, a sick dog with tumors was dumped in the bottom of a dumpster in the city of Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil. She was malnourished, emaciated and trembled in fear. Thankfully, a good person named Palhinha Rodrigo noticed her and took her out.

The man took to his social account and shared the video with the following caption, “The people who are trying to make this world worse are not taking a day off. How can I?” He wrote. “It’s about this case of a little dog thrown in a dumpster, and about so many other cases that occur every day. I ask all animal protectors not to be discouraged, to celebrate each victory, each adoption, each recovery, etc. Love is stronger than hate and I have faith that soon we will have more effective laws.”

Florzinha (or Little Flower translated from Portuguese), as rescuers named her, was immediately taken to the vet of the Municipal Kennel. Florzinha was checked and groomed, and will be treated with meds before the decision about removing the tumor will be made.

Small tumors were found in multiple mammary glands as well, so she might need a removal of an entire mammary chain.

“We will not give up. The veterinarians at the Municipal Kennel will provide her with all the necessary care and I am sure she will soon be in a home that really loves her,” Palhinha wrote in another post. He also encouraged everyone not to waste their energy on blaming and cursing the person who did this, who clearly doesn’t deserve any attention at all. He asked people to direct all the prayers and positive energy towards Florzinha.

Florzinha continues her treatment and care at Petland Botucatu until she is ready to find a new loving home. We really thank the kind Palhinha and the doctors for giving the poor dog a second life.

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