Matted Dog Ceaselessly Glares At Cars For 2 Years Hoping Her Owner Returns

No animal deserves to be left behind but that is exactly what happened to this poor pup. Her owner passed away and she was left in a dilapidated house behind a locked gate. That was two years ago. The loyal dog, now in desperate need of grooming, waits day after day for her owner to return.

Rescuers finally heard about the dog from a woman down the street, the dog named Boksil. She has seen the dog many times and feels very terrible for her. So she said that she fed the dog every day. When the rescue team arrived, it started to rain. They found her behind a locked gate that prevented them from reaching her.

As the rain fell, the woman from down the street came over. The rescuers thought that Boksil was maybe her dog but no, she explained what had happened. It is very difficult to catch the dog because she is very skittish. The woman told the rescuers that she can only help her from afar. Boksil will not allow her to come any closer.

They desperately want to capture Boksil so she can have a better life in a new house. So they set up a remote camera and tracked her out of the house. Cameras showed the girls climbing out and looking for food and water. Thankfully, she can eat.

After a few bites and some water, they watch as Boksil crawls under the gate. Now they can get to her if she will let them. Boksil makes her way over to the road, carrying her heavy matted fur, and just sits there. It was truly a heartbreaking scene for those who witnessed it. Boksil watches as each car passes by hoping one of them will stop and her owner will come home.

After many efforts, the rescue team caught the dog and brought it to the shelter. Boksil is medically examined and shaved. The dog had heartworm disease, but it wasn’t much of a problem. She will be treated and cared for until she recovers. A woman adopted Boksil and gave her the loving home she should have.

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