Kind Puppy Drags Her New Blanket Outside To Share With A Cold Stray Dog

Dogs – we already know that they have much bigger hearts than ours. These beings seem to have an infinite reservoir of love within them. Sometimes, we couldn’t help but wish that we had a soul as pure as theirs. The dog in the following story is a perfect reminder of this truth.

Meet Lana, a rescue puppy who knows a thing or two about friendship and being generous. Rescued from the streets of Brazil at a young age with her siblings, Lana was soon adopted into the loving home of Suelen Schaumloeffel.

But despite now having all the love and affection a pup could hope for, Lana clearly hasn’t forgotten what it’s like for dogs who don’t. She knows what it’s like to be cold and hungry, living out on the streets and exposed to the elements.

One cold winters day, Suelen bought Lana a thick blanket to keep her warm in her doghouse which was out the front of the house. Little did she know, however, after tucking Lana in for the night on Monday evening, that the puppy would soon forgo a little of her own comfort for the sake of a new friend.

Suelen’s fiancé was about to leave for work the next morning when he noticed an unusual sight in their house out front. Lana was lying near their fence with her new blanket, which she had dragged outside to share with another dog out on the street.

“Last night, before bed, we tucked the cover of the Lana in the little house so she could curl up and sleep,” Suelen writes in her post. “Seeing the friend without a home and cold, Lana did not hesitate to share the blanket.”

Schaumloeffel says she’d actually seen that other dog for the first time near their house the day before. She wasn’t sure if he was a stray, though; he’d run away when she tried to approach him to check for an ID tag. But Lana had made his acquaintance, it seems, and decided to help him.

Since that incident, the couple has seen the dog from time to time, but they still weren’t successful in getting a hold of her. They’re hoping that if they catch him, they could help him find his way home if he was indeed ʟᴏsᴛ. In the meantime, they have been leaving food and water for her outside their home.

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