Homeless Man Celebrates His Dog’s Birthday In Sweetest Footage

A shortage of luck and material possessions doesn’t have to mean a shortage of love and happiness. One homeless man from Choco proved it one day when he threw the sweetest birthday party with his dogs Shaggy and Nena.

Choco might live on the streets, but he still has a family. A really loving one: his two adorable dogs who never leave his side. They are inseparable and have a deep love for each other. So when one of the dogs, named Shaggy, turned 2 years old, Choco had a lovely surprise for him. He just bought a cake, birthday candles, and even party hats, for a proper celebration.

As Choco huddled with his dogs, he placed party hats on their heads before revealing a cake and candles. He then lit up the candles on the cake and sang a birthday song.

A passerby spotted the sweet scene and decided to film it. After ending the video, the person filming approached Choco to learn his name and story, and to offer help to him and his dogs. Turns out, Choco ᴇsᴄᴀᴘᴇᴅ an ᴀʙᴜsɪᴠᴇ home and ended up living on the streets for the last several years. Despite being homeless, he made sure to give Shaggy and Nena the best care.


Thankfully, with his moment going viral online, Choco and his two dogs’ lives have changed. People all over the world, including locals, have been deeply impressed by the inspiring footage, so they brought them clothes and even a cellphone for Choco. More, he even got a job offer and a place to live with his two friends.

Now, the park he frequents has become a gathering spot for other animal lovers keen on helping Choco and his dogs get back on their feet. Choco now receives several donations of food and supplies, and the pups get all the love and attention they deserve.

With any luck, thanks to the support they’re receiving, things will soon turn around for Choco, Shaggy and Nena. In the meantime, seeing the love shared between them, it’s clear they already have something more priceless than gold.

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