January 10, 2023

Heartwarming Moment Locals Rescue Three Elephants

Heartwarming Moment Locals Rescue Three Elephants

While playing happily, the three elephants, most likely friends, were trapped in a muddy swamp in India’s deep jungle.

Luckily some of the kind locals helped and rescued. They took shovels and mud excavators out. We know that humans won’t risk their lives in many situations to help animals. However, here are some pictures that will likely restore your faith in humanity and change your beliefs.

The elephants are trapped in the mud and cannot get out because of its depth, and they can also be scared to move because mud is a strange place to get stuck, even if you’re as big as a baby elephant.

Thankfully, two people nearby noticed the trapped elephants and quickly rushed over to help them.

Many people were present around the situation, watching the whole process while locals rescued the elephants, everyone cheering as the three big friends returned to the wilderness, their home, and where they got free.

Elephants may look like they are having a lot of fun rolling around in the mud, they probably are, but it also serves a critical purpose for them. As they have minimal hair and sweat glands, they find it difficult to cool off under the harsh  sun. The mud not only cools them down and provides a protective layer on their body to shield them from insect bites and the sun. Their skin looks very tough, but it is very sensitive, and can get sunburnt!

Elephants prepare the mud for their baths in two ways. One is to kick their foot in the water to stir up the mud and mix it with the water; the other is to churn the mud with their tusks or trunk up from the bottom when bathing elephants will either roll around in the mud or spray themselves with it using their trunk.

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