Former Russian ᴡᴀʀ dog switches sides after being ʀᴇsᴄᴜᴇᴅ by Ukrainian troops

The ᴡᴀʀ in Ukraine has been going on for months now, and countless Ukrainians have stepped up to defend their country. Animals, too, have been ɪɴᴠᴀʟᴜᴀʙʟᴇ in the ᴡᴀʀ effort, working alongside soldiers to sᴀᴠᴇ lives and provide morale. And one new recruit might be the most unexpected: a former Russian ᴡᴀʀ dog who has “switched sides” after being ʀᴇsᴄᴜᴇᴅ by Ukrainian troops.

Max, a three-year-old Belgian Malinois, swapped sides after he was found by Ukrainian troops, sᴛᴀʀᴠɪɴɢ and abandoned in the line of fire. The special forces pup is now being trained to sniff out unexploded ᴍɪɴᴇs alongside the soldiers who are defending their country. He belonged to Russian troops who had captured a village in the Mykolaiv region close to the Black Sea.

Max was dumped when Putin’s ­forces retreated and, according to the soldiers, sᴜʀᴠɪᴠᴇᴅ on ­ʀᴏᴛᴛɪɴɢ food. But he has now become a “real favourite” of Ukrainian fighters. A member of the National Guard of Ukraine, named Dmitry, told: “From now on, Max will serve on the right side, defending Ukraine and nibbling Russian asses.” Another soldier added: “Max has become a real favourite with the guards.

After regaining his health, Max found a job with his new allies, sniffing out ʙᴏᴏʙʏ ᴛʀᴀᴘs and Russian ᴍɪɴᴇs. He joins heroic dogs like Patron, sᴀᴠɪɴɢ countless lives.

It’s quite a story, and the troops are happy that Max made the right choice — and are proud that they were able to take in this new recruit. “Max has become a real favourite with the guards,” the troops told Daily Star. “Ukrainians love dogs, they regard them as part of the family.”

Max is not the only pooch working immensely hard to protect Ukrainians. Patron the Jack Russell has been awarded a medal for his bravery after sniffing out more than 200 landᴍɪɴᴇs in Ukraine. The tiny dog was formally recognised by President Volodoymyr Zelensky with a military honour earlier this month.

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