Dog Checks Up On Two-Month-Old Triplets To Make Sure They’re Safe Then Gives Them A Kiss

Sunny, a mini Goldendoodle from Branford, Connecticut, is the proud watchdog of three newborn triplets. The dog is so enamored by the new family members that he checks up on them regularly to make sure everything is just right.

New mom, Lauren Barnes, posted a clip on TikTok of Sunny checking on ‘his’ babies and it quickly went viral. The adorable video that Barnes captioned as ‘cuteness overload’ is melting hearts all over the place.

Barnes has been sharing videos of her sweet triplets since their birth and Sunny has been front and center for most of them.

All three triplets are tucked in and resting on the couch in the video. Everything appears to be in order, but Sunny has arrived to double-check. The two-month-old babies appear to be anticipating the arrival of their canine companion. This brief morning check is a cherished family tradition.

Sunny stands on a nearby footstool and lovingly nuzzles one of the triplets. He spreads his body over to the couch to get a better view of these tiny people. He stays just long enough to ensure that baby number one is pleased and contented. He also gave a kiss to the baby.

Baby number two’s turn, Sunny looked over, stretched again. The baby curiously looked up at Sunny with clear eyes.

And finally baby number three, who was also tested with a sniff and a sweet kiss. Yep, all seems ok here according to Sunny. ‘My job here is done,’ – Sunny the dog.

Sunny raises her eyes to the camera as if to reassure mom that everything is well. He can finally relax, knowing that his children are in good hands. What a wonderful dog.

Most dogs love children and babies. We noticed that Sunny clearly enjoyed being around these kids. The kids will quickly grow up and have a friend Sunny by their side.

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