Cop Shares Umbrella With Stray Dogs During Heavy Rainstorm

There are so many stray dogs out in the world, fending for themselves without any loving humans to go home to, so it’s always heartwarming to see people go out of their way to show these animals a little kindness.

In a sheer act of kindness, a traffic constable from Kolkata gave shelter to stray dogs amid heavy rainfal. The heart-winning image of the traffic constable soon surfaced on all the social media platforms and attracted a flood of reactions from netizens on the internet.

On September days, heavy rains have flooded the streets of Kolkata, India, leaving humans and animals searching for a safe place in the storm. So it seemed only natural to Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal that he should help out those in need.

On Saturday, Mandal was monitoring traffic at a busy seven-way crossing when he received some unexpected company. Two wet stray dogs spotted him standing in the middle of the street and flocked to him. He was happy to share, providing some momentary shelter for the street dogs and continued directing traffic.

After the photograph was uploaded on social media, almost everyone who came across the post was delighted to watch the cop perform his duty with his “unexpected companions”. Kolkata Police, too, took to their office Twitter handle to post the picture, crowning it, “Moment of the day”.

So far, the post has received over 38, 000 likes and numerous comments. One user who saw the post wrote, “Salute to the man who never forgets his duty in such a situation”. A second guy expressed his opinion and thanked the Kolkata police, “I’m very grateful to all the policemen who are doing such great work day after day,” read his comment. Another person said, “Great Work, I salute you”.

Meanwhile, a senior officer from the East Traffic Guard said that he is aware of the photograph and is happy that one of his colleague’s photograph has gone viral. “There are several officers in Kolkata Police and every individual has a different liking and hobby. Tarun loves animals and this photo is proof of it,” he said.


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