Coffee Shop Lets Stray Dogs Sleep Inside Every Night

In Greece, many people abandon their beloved pets because they can’t afford to keep them anymore; luckily, there’re places like Hott Spott, a cafe in Lesbos, which opens its doors to stray dogs. Since July, it’s been letting the poor doggies inside to sleep every night.

Though Greece has strict laws about animal protection, this business has been taking a stand to help conditions for feral dogs, especially when it may be too cold for them to get through the nigh. The photo of four dogs sleeping inside the café that was taken by Eustratios Papanis and uploaded to social media went viral helping to shed light on the shop’s amazing act of kindness.

“When the bar closes each night, the dogs come and sleep here. We don’t have a problem. From July, every night there is a dog on the couch,” said a waiter at the cafe, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Employees wipe everything down before the store re-opens, and rather than being turned off that stray dogs have slept in the cafe, there has been an increase in customers who are overjoyed with the fact that the cafe they help to support also takes care of the large number of homeless and lovable dogs.

You might think that hosting so many dogs would be a concern or deter business—but the restaurant found the opposite to be the case, with business booming with word of mouth. “Customers have no problems. It is a bit of a thing now – lots of people come with their cell phones,” Papanis said.

Such random acts of generosity toward animals isn’t uncommon in Greece, which has a large number of stray dogs. Despite being without a permanent home or family, these animals are often collared and cared for by the community – an alternative to putting them into crowded shelters.

“Here in Greece our homes are not large enough for all of us to house animals,” an Athens resident told “That’s why we look after the street dogs. We feed them, pet them, and play with them. They are like our own pets, but they belong to everyone instead.”

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