Cat Gets Her 8 Kittens Inside a Home After Spending Her Whole Life Outdoors

A tortoiseshell cat, Celeste, came to Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, after having litter after litter outside. She was found covered in fleas and heavily pregnant.

“Celeste had lived outside for her entire life before she came to me. For the majority of her life, she’d always been a mama cat even till the point that she got sick,” Angela, a foster volunteer, shared with Love Meow. “She came to the animal shelter with her three month old kittens while also being pregnant herself.”

A number of days later, the tortie gave birth to a big litter of kittens. Angela introduced them home to foster, and Celeste formally bid farewell to life on the streets.

Celeste was a bit shy at first when she arrived in foster care, attempting to regulate to indoor life as many issues were brand new to her.

With good food, a heat nest, and lots of head scritches, Celeste warmed up to her humans and even rubbed her face on her foster mom, wanting more attention and pets.

For the first time in her life, her kittens got to grow up inside a comfortable home, away from the outside weather elements.

The kittens kept their mom very busy, day and night, so Angela came in to make possible that Celeste was replenished, and provide any assistance to help alleviate the workload.

“Being a mother of eight was really hard work. She was such a wonderful, loving mom to her babies,” Angela said.

Celeste always keeps her kittens clean and grooms them from head to toe. The kittens are also growing by leaps and bounds. As they become more playful and adventurous, they begin to spend more time adventuring outside of their nests.

Nearly three months after Celeste was pulled from the streets, her dream came true as she moved into her forever home.

“Celeste’s adopters are such wonderful and loving people. She even has a new cat sister named Marge.”

Seven out of the eight kittens survived, grew up to be healthy, rambunctious young cats, and located their way into good homes. “Their families are all so sweet, and the kittens are going to be very happy and loved!”

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