January 16, 2023
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Britain’s Smallest Dog Is So Tiny Like A Hamster

Britain’s Smallest Dog Is So Tiny Like A Hamster

John Mallon, 61, from North London, unofficially owns the tiniest dog in the UK, and often gets stopped in the street by strangers mistaking chihuahua Bardo for a hamster or rat. A miniscule chihuahua has stolen the unofficial title of the tiniest dog in Britain – measuring smaller than the previous champion Daisy. Bardo the 20-month-old chihuahua is just under 8in tall and 2in wide – which is around the average size of a banana – and weighs 1.35g.
John Mallon, 61, from North London, co-owns Bardo with his younger sister Ann, and the pair absolutely adore their “unusual looking” pet.
John said “He is so small that he gets attention wherever he goes. Lots of people often think he’s a pet hamster or rat, not a dog.”John welcomed the white chihuahua puppy into his home in December 2020, when he was nine-weeks old.
“He’s always been so tiny and he’s barely grown. I’ve had strangers come up to me and say ‘I’ve never seen a dog in my life as small as him.” John said

John was reading an article online about the smallest dog in Britain in May and realised Bardo was a half-inch shorter than the title holder, four-year-old Daisy. Bardo lives with John’s two cats, Ava and Moon, and despite being a quarter of their size, he is “the boss around the house”.

The pint-sized pup is a fussy eater and likes tuna and sardines mixed into his canine biscuits.
“If he doesn’t want to eat his food, he gets mad and makes a weird sound,” John said.
He is sweet, calm and says he rarely barks, unlike a typical chihuahua breed. He’s got these big eyes and loves to kiss everybody. Bardo is lovely with children and adults – they all say they’ve never seen anything so tiny and cute.
Talking about how his size restricts him, Ann said: “We’ve got to be careful around other dogs as they could do a lot of harm. took him to a dog show at Primrose Hill recently and because he’s so small, the judges didn’t even notice him.”

Bardo’s petite frame means Ann cannot find a dog harness to fit his neck, and has resorted to buying an XS cat harness – which is still slightly roomy.
“He gets into small gaps that other dogs can’t, like down the side of the sofa, and sometimes we think he’s gone missing. He’ll disappear for a while and I’ll wonder where he is – then I’ll find him tucked away.”she said

How to take care of a chihuahua

1) There are body composition changes that occur with senior dogs. Less muscle mass can cause a dog’s body to look out-of-shape and this does not necessarily mean that there is a weight problem. So, if you are unsure about this, have the veterinarian examine your Chihuahua.

2) Gradually increase exercise if there are no health issues that would prevent this. Dogs of all ages will benefit from at least two walks per day, so if your senior likes to nap and walks have somehow gone from two to one or none at all, it’s time to start incorporating more time outside with this low-impact, health-boosting activity.

If you are already taking your senior for regular walks, try adding on 5 and then 10 minutes to each session.
3) Offer low-calorie snacks. The food that we give to dogs in between meals can make up 20 to 30% of their daily calorie intake and this can really add up. A great option is to offer Fruitables Skinny Mini Dog Treats; these are made-in-the-USA all-natural soft-baked treats with only 2 to 3 calories a piece and come in tasty flavors like pumpkin & mango, apple & bacon, and pumpkin & blueberry.
4) Offer lower calorie meals. You can replace some of the kibble with low calorie vegetables like green beans, cucumbers, kale, and spinach or make a switch to a kibble formulated for dogs that need to lose weight. This may be labeled as ‘healthy weight’, ‘reduced fat’, or ‘light’.

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