After Lᴏsɪɴɢ Their Homes, These Two Dogs Won’t Stop Cuddling In The Shelter

The Little CC as well as her big close friend Chewbacca are more than simply a number of homeless canines. They are each other’s family members. These adorable canines used to have a house. But all of this changed considerably with the arrival of a sensitive human child. After that, the proprietors dropped their faithful household pets at the pet sanctuary.

They were taken to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, where the staff quickly fell in love with the two dogs who couldn’t live apart from one another. Nowadays CC and Chewey dream about only one thing – a loving human who would adopt these two beautiful dogs. Meanwhile, they are there for each other, and they just can’t stop cuddling.

“Pretty much every time we walk by their kennel, CC is either sitting on Chewy or draped over him or curled up against him.” Animal Rescue League of Iowa spokesperson Jessica Jorgenson told The Dodo. “Chewy, for his part, doesn’t mind at all. They both like being close to each other.”

CC and Chewbacca never leave each other’s side. During nap time, CC climbs right on top of Chewy and, using his fur as a pillow, falls fast asleep. The pair are always together when they’re taken out for walks, and sit “against each other” even in the car, volunteers at the shelter revealed.

Despite the obvious size difference between the dogs, their bond and friendship is undeniable. When they go for a walk, they walk side by side. Besides that, these guys want what you would expect: regular walks and a comfy couch for big Chewbacca to nap on – little CC perched atop. Their biggest dream is a loving human who would adopt these two pups.

After their story was posted on Facebook, someone named Amber Wiley adopted the couple, bringing them home with two dogs and three pet pigs. Amber Wiley adopted the pair, bringing them to a home with two more dogs and three pet pigs to call their pals.

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