Adorable Moment Orphaned Baby Possum Hitches A Ride On A Long-haired Dog Through The Streets Of Melbourne

If you were searching in your dog’s coat and discovered a tiny little hitchhiker, it’s likely your immediate reaction might be to scream. But one woman from Australia had quite another reaction. Sally Watkinson shared images on Facebook of a tiny little possum clinging to the fur of Kato, her puli dog. And to make things even odder? It happened again – the very next day.

With nowhere else to turn, it seemed the frightened animal put his trust in the puli, and he was not disappointed.  The couple didn’t know how long the possum had been resting on Kato, but said he seemed unfazed by the hitchhiker. Dogs and possums do not typically get along, but both Watkinson’s dogs surprised their mom with their calm reactions to the little hitchhiker.

“Hugo and Kato seemed to barely notice it was there,” Sally Watkinson wrote in a Facebook post. “It’s most surprising that Hugo was not barking frantically at it. Apparently, Kato was seemingly oblivious also.”

Young possums normally hold onto their mothers to feel warm and safe. At this stage, the babies are still dependent on the mother for food and shelter. Even after they stop being fed by the mother possum, the babies still latch onto the mother to feel safe. When they’re big enough, possums will stop clinging onto the mother and become independent. But the possum Kato brought home was somehow different.

Sally’s husband Jon Watkinson spent the afternoon researching the animal but for its safety they ended up taking Kato with the possum to the vet for a checkup. These possums do not appear to be weaned but appear to be healthy enough. They will transfer the animal to a wildlife caretaker and have to wait for it to mature enough or find its mother before returning it to the wild.

However, things have not stopped there. The baby possum Sally discovered and rescued was only one part of the story. Even though everything seemed to have ended on a good note, things were just starting for Sally. One day, Sally left Hugo and Kato with her friend for a while. When she went back to them, she discovered a another possum riding on Kato’s back again. Her Puli seemed to attract the little creatures. People were very glad this had happened to dogs with such a caring owner who ensured the safety of these possums.


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